I’d be a much better guitar player if it wasn’t for bar chords. :-(

Every time I install an Adobe or Microsoft product on my Mac, I cry a little inside. And then I rush to uninstall it as soon as possible.

RT @dabeard: RT @washingtonpost: It’s Navy tradition. She was 1st off the ship. Here’s how she greeted her girlfriend: http://t.co/19XkOtXN

RT @aaronpkohn: My first article in The Current http://t.co/FYO5jUPA @SebLindstrom @aLiciAsuLLy @_philippayoung_ @hatchjt @danmoulthrop …

This is one of those tough decision points… stay up and exercise, or get another 45 minutes of sleep?

RT @denzelg: The Monument. http://t.co/A6vawh8b

Big congrats to my AU class for finishing their projects today. Lots of hard work, sweat and tears. But they did great. Proud of them.

RT @sunfoundation Sunlight Live is covering the Republican Debate tonight at 9pm EST, watch at http://t.co/4mR4t9Dh #opengov #tcot #p2